If you have HIV /AIDS, are you more prone to TB ?

Yes, it is common for people with HIV / AIDS infection to acquire TB because of decreased immunity.

What is drug resistant TB ? What are its prospects ?

Multi Drug Resistant TB or MDR – TB is a type of TB, which is difficult to treat, as the TB bacilli are no longer being affected by the routinely used first line drugs and are resistant to them. These patients are then treated with second line drugs, which are more expensive, have more side-effects and the treatment takes a long duration (two years). The results or cure rate of MDR – TB is very low (50 – 60%). With the increasing incidence of HIV infection, TB itself is increasing and so is the volume of MDR – TB.

What are the causes of MDR – TB ?

MDR – TB is generally caused by inadequate treatment regimens, inadequate doses and combinations and above all poor patient compliance (regular missing of doses). DOTS is the answer to all these problems, where, directly supervised treatment is given to patients from the pre-packaged blister packs with zero errors.