• A TB patient has no restrictions to travel anywhere, as long as, he is non-infectious (sputum negative) and cannot transmit the disease to others while coughing and talking.
  • Normally, a TB patient becomes non-infectious within 3 – 6 weeks (sometimes up to 2 – 3 – months) after starting the anti-TB drugs, in a proper combination and the right dose.
  • Patient can cover his mouth while coughing / sneezing / talking in a closed environment (while travelling) to prevent the transmission of infection.
  • A TB patient must carry all his medicines while travelling, after taking a clearance from his physician to undertake that particular journey.
  • A patient with TB applying for an immigration visa to another country must be totally cured of his disease (both sputum smear / culture and radiologically negative), before he can hope to get his clearance from the respective authorities.