Vitamin A and Broken Bones

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Vitamin A and Broken Bones

A recent study done in Sweden revealed that there is a direct relationship between bone fractures and blood levels of vitamin A. It simply means that the risk of fracturing bones is higher in the people having high vitamin A levels and vice versa. As far as specific joints are concerned, risk of hip fracture increases by 147% whereas risk of any other fracture increases by 64 percent when vitamin A levels are high.

However, the levels of beta-carotene (vitamin A precursor, found in many vegetables) in the blood was not associated with fractures. Those at risk for osteoporosis should avoid excess vitamin A from supplements and fortified foods.

This study also suggests that the Daily Recommended Intake (DRI) values for vitamin A should be reassessed. Moreover, fortification and supplementation of various food products with vitamin A should be carefully monitored.

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