For an obese person even small amounts of weight loss (5 – 10% of initial body weight) may reduce the risk of co-morbid conditions associated with obesity.  Reduction of body weight does not only involve loss of fats but also proteins. The amount of fat and protein loss is determined to some extent by the rate of weight loss. The target of any weight loss programme is to achieve reduction of body fats and not vital proteins. Therefore, a steady weight loss programme spread over a long period is preferred as it favors reduction of fat stores and not proteins.

Basic goals of obesity treatment are to:

  • reduce excess body weight
  • maintain a lower body weight over a long term.
  • reduce/reverse the complications associated with overweight/obesity.
  • improve sense of physical and psychological well being

The cornerstone of any weight loss programme is a combination of :

In many cases of obesity, medication and surgical intervention are required.

Target weight loss

The weight loss should be around 500 gm / week, coming to approximately 2 kg weight loss per month.