Wine and beer elevates blood pressure

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Wine and beer elevates blood pressure

According to a new study red wine (despite of its alleged health benefits) raises the blood pressure to the same extent as drinking beer.

The study researchers examined the effects of beer, red wine and de-alcohlized wine consumption on the blood pressure of 28 healthy, normotensive, nonsmoking men. In a four week study period the study participants are instructed to abstain from any other type of alcohol and to consume in random order to drink 375 ml red wine, 375 ml of de alcohlized red wine or 1125 ml of beer.

No differences in the upper and lower readings of the blood pressure or heart rate were observed during the abstinence period and at the time when people drank de-alcohlized red wine. However, red wine and beer consumption increased the upper (systolic) and lower (diastolic) blood pressure by 2.9 and 1.9 points respectively. The men’s heart rate during sleep was also increased.

The study results indicate that regardless of source, alcohol consumption (after a threshold limit) raises the blood pressure. Furthermore the results also indicated that red wine and de-alcohlized red wine neither lower BP nor influenced the vascular function. It also suggests that red wine polyphenolics do not have a noteworthy role in mitigating the blood pressure – elevating effects of alcohol in men.

However, study researchers believed that the physicians should caution their patients regarding excess alcohol consumption as there is an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases attributable to blood pressure above 115/75

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