Relaxation postures

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Relaxation Postures

Standing: Sithila Tadasana

  • Stand erect, legs slightly apart, hands hanging freely by the side of the body, shoulders relaxed.
  • Eyes gently closed.

Sitting: Sithila Dandasana

  • Sit with legs stretched apart and relaxed.
  • Slightly incline the trunk backward, supporting the body by placing the hands behind.
  • Palms facing backwards.
  • Let the head hang freely behind or rest on either of the shoulders.
  • Eyes gently closed.

Prone: Makarasana

  • Lie down on the abdomen with the feet wide apart, heels touching the ground and facing each other.
  • Bend both the hands and place the right palm on the left shoulder and the left palm on the right shoulder.
  • Rest the chin at the point where the forearms cross each other.
  • Eyes gently closed.

Supine: shavasana

  • Lie supine on the ground with hands and feet apart.
  • Slightly stretch the body and allow the whole body to relax completely.
  • By becoming aware of the different parts of the body, starting from the toes to the head, a feeling of relaxation is propagated. Gradually one learns to relax part by part.
  • Eyes gently closed.