• Lie down on the abdomen with legs together, toes pointing outwards and soles of the feet facing up.
  • Chin touching the ground.
  • Stretch the hands straight above the head, biceps touching the ears and palms resting on the ground.
  • Close the eyes.

l. Starting position (Sthiti):Prone

ll. Practice

  • Bend the right arm and place the right palm on the left shoulder.
  • Then, bend the left arm and place the left palm on the right shoulder.
  • Now relax the head on the folded arms so that the neck is supported at the point where the two arms cross.
  • Lie down and relax in this posture for sometime.


  • The position of the hands can be adjusted and also that of head in order to be comfortable.
  • Obese people with big bellies may place their chin on the hands while taking support on the elbows. (Elbows can be kept at a convenient distance from each other).


  • This asana is known to be effective for people suffering from slipped discs, sciatica, low back pain or any other spinal disorder.