Supta Vajrasana


  • Sit back on the heels, keeping them apart and well tucked in under the buttocks.
  • Keep the head, shoulders and buttocks in a straight line.
  • Place your palms on the respective thighs.
  • Breathe normally.
  • It may be practised for maximum feasible duration, especially after meals for 5- minutes atleast.

l. Starting position (Sthiti): Vajrasana

ll. Practice

  • Lift the knees and the thighs a little off the floor; recline back on the floor; breathe deeply.
  • Stretch the neck back so that the crown of the head rests on the floor; arch the chest and the trunk up.
  • Place the hands on thighs and ensure that thighs are now touching the ground.
  • Keep your eyes closed.
  • Breathing is kept slow, deep and calm.