Utkata literally means powerful. It seems as if sitting on an imaginary chair.


  • Stand erect with feet close together, knees together.
  • Hands along the thighs with fingers stretched out.
  • The legs, trunk and the head aligned in a straight line.

I. Starting position (Sthiti): Tadasana

ll. Practice

  • Stretch the arms straight over the head, palms joined.
  • Breath out, bend the knees and lower the trunk till the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Do not bend forward but keep the chest as far back as possible.
  • Breathe normally.
  • Remain in the pose for few seconds as per the capacity¬†(approx. 30 sec).
  • Inhale, straighten the legs, lower the arms and come back to the normal Tadasana posture.


This posture is known to be useful for stiffness in the shoulders. It tones up the muscles of the legs. The chest is fully expanded in this posture. It tones up the abdominal organs and the back.