Basti or Enema 

There are two types of Basti:

  • Jal Basti
  • Sthal Basti

Jal Basti

  • Stand erect in water upto navel.
  • Lean forward and place the hands on the knees.
  • Perform, Uddiyana bandha and expand the anal sphincter.
  • Pull the water into the bowel for sometime and then expel it forcefully through anus.
  • It can also be performed by sitting in cool, fresh water up to navel while doing Aswini Mudra

Sthal Basti

  • Sit in Paschimottanasana.
  • Adopt Aswini mudra for at least 25-30 times, sucking air into bowel through anus.
  • Hold it for sometime and then expel it through anus.