Deep Relaxation Technique

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Deep Relaxation Techniques (DRT)

I. Starting position (Sthiti): shavasana

II. Practice

  • Be comfortable and relax completely.

Phase 1

Bring your awareness to the tip of the toes, gently move your toes and relax. Slowly and subsequently relax the soles, ankle joints, calf muscles, gently pull up the knee caps, release and relax, relax thighs muscles, buttock muscles, hip joints, pelvic region and the waist region. Relax your lower part of the body completely. R….e….l…a…x.

Phase 2

  • Gently bring your awareness to the abdominal region and observe the abdominal movements for sometime, relax your abdominal muscles and relax the chest muscles.
  • Bring your awareness to your lower back, relax your lower back and loosen all the vertebral joints one by one. Relax the muscles and nerves around the back bones. Relax your back and shoulder blades completely.
  • Shift your awareness to the tips of the fingers, gently move them a little and sensitize . Relax your fingers one by one. Relax your palms , loosen the wrist joints , relax the forearms , loosen the elbow joints, relax your arm (triceps and biceps) and relax your shoulders.
  • Shift your awareness to your neck , slowly turn your head  to the right and left , again bring back to the center. Relax the muscles and nerves of the neck
  • Relax your middle part of the body, totally relax . R…..e…l…a…x.
  • Chant U-Kara and feel the vibrations in the middle part of the body.

Phase 3

  • Gently bring your awareness to your head region. Relax slowly and subsequently chin, lower jaw, upper jaw, lower gums, upper gums, lower and upper teeth and tongue.
  • Relax hard and soft palate, throat and vocal chords.
  • Gently deviate your awareness to your lips , relax lower and upper lip.
  • Shift your awareness to your nose, observe nostrils and perceive the warm air touching the walls of the nostrils while exhaling out and feel the cool air touching the walls of the nostrils as you inhale. Do it for sometime and then relax.
  • Relax cheek muscles and keep smile on your face.
  • Relax eye balls muscles, feel the heaviness of eyeballs , relax your eye lids, eye brows and in between the eyebrows.  Relax your forehead, temple muscles, ears, the sides of the head , back of the head and crown of the head. Relax your head region , totally relax.  R…e…l…a…x.
  • Chant M-Kara and feel the vibrations in your head region.

Phase 4

Observe your whole body from toes to head and relax , chant an AUM in a single breath. Feel the vibrations throughout the body.

Phase 5

Slowly come out of the body consciousness and visualize your body lying on the ground completely relaxed.

Phase 6

Imagine the vast beautiful sky. Expand the horizon of your awareness as vast as the blue sky. Feel yourself a part of the sky. You are becoming the blue sky. You are the blue sky. Enjoy the infinite bliss.  E…n…j..o..y the blissful state of silence and all pervasive awareness.

Phase 7

Slowly come back to body consciousness . Inhale deeply. Chant an AUM -Kara. Feel the vibrations throughout your body and the soothing and massaging effect from toes to head.

Phase 8

Gently move your whole body a little . Feel the lightness, alertness and movement of energy throughout the body. Slowly bring your legs together and the hands by the side of the body. Turn over to the left or the right side  and come up when you are ready.