Pitta type personality

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Characteristics of Pitta type

  • Average built and average strength.
  • Well proportionate body.
  • Average tolerance power.
  • Daring and tendency to venture.
  • Inability to bear hunger, cannot afford to skip meals.
  • Tend to be short tempered and irritable.
  • Hunger and thirst  are severe, good digestion.
  • Loathes hot and humid weather.
  • Focused and distinctive in speech.
  • They have soft and fair complexion.
  • Red, blonde or brown hair.
  • Sharp and Intelligent
  • Tendency of  premature graying of hair and balding.
  • Tends to sweat excessively.
  • Foul smelling sweat.
  • Ageing process is fast.
  • Temperature remains slightly towards higher side.
  • Excess of  moles, warts, freckles and acne.