I. Argentum nitricum 




“Argentum’s pathology appears first on the mental rather than the emotional level. The first sign of a deteriorating mental functioning is often an increase in the frequency and the strangeness of mental impulses. Argentum individuals are prone to have strange impulses which they know are irrational like a characteristic impulse of Argentum is a impulse to jump when looking down from a height, even in an absence of any suicidal desire or thinking as if losing oneself.


Fear of mental break down. Fear on looking at tall buildings.


With progress in pathology Argentum’s mind becomes less and less reliable: concentration becomes difficult, word’s are misplaced and the memory becomes patchy and vague and mental deterioration which causes an alarm leading to a feeling of hurriedness. Mind becomes more and more erratic, fear becomes a major problem.


Anticipatory anxiety: thoughts that shakes mind, cannot cope with the uncertainty of not knowing, ‘how a coming task or event will turn out’. At these times anxiety can become extreme, accompanied bypalpitations (consciousness of heart beat) and diarrhea. This is related to a characteristic feeling of failure, which is often unrealistic. Encouragement from friend or family can bring enormous relief. With increase of fear rises the state of panic making the person very needy.”



II. Arsenic album




“ Arsenic is one of the principal ‘anxious remedies’. In the relatively well balanced individual anxiety may not be a big problem. It may surface occasionally as an irrational fear related to finances or business or health of their children. The younger ones in particular are likely to appear confident and fearless, it is only when life has given Arsenics a few heavy blows, that they develop anxiety.


Arsenic individuals tend to be self-disciplined and in control of their lives, they are liable to break quite suddenly when they can no longer cope with stress. When this happens it is generally called a ‘nervous

breakdown’. Anxiety suddenly overwhelms and the person ceases to function rationally. The Arsenic anxiety is characterized by fear of illness, death and poverty, as well as free-floating fear particularly when alone and at night. Fear about anything.


Obvious thing about anxious Arsenic is restlessness. They become extremely agitated and cannot keep still for a moment. Fear of being poisoned develops under paranoiac (fearful) state in old people.Paranoia of the agitated Arsenic person is an exaggeration of the suspiciousness which can even be seen in relatively healthy cases. Thesuspiciousness is simply another expression of the physical

insecurity. Arsenic patient is characteristically thirsty all the time. ”



III. Phosphorus




Phosphorus person is charismatic, beautiful, graceful, tall, slim and very lean being more flexible than most. Phosphorus are more sensitive to their environment than most, and during their childhood any disharmony within the home will generate anxiety which becomes part of their personality, if it continues for long.


They are extremely open to external impression which makes them vulnerable, combined with their relatively weak sense of identity. When the pressure of emotions adds on then they tend to panic. They areprone to anxiety under pressure or new surroundings. Like a phosphorus child, at a birthday party who is happy and excited to meet friends and is playing, dancing, shouting with them, starts crying the minute he sees a clown. In this case, the child’s mind is so excited that it cannot cope with a new stimuli and responds by panic and crying for his mother.


A phosphorus adult, when going for an interview may have an irrational fear that the car may have an

accident or imagine that he has left his interview letter at home- ‘fear of imaginary things’.”


These drug personalities explains that for treating a person for anxiety and its disorders, individualizing him becomes important i.e. the personality of a person is matched with the personality of the remedy and the most similar medicine is prescribed to the patient. The best analyzer of the person will be a homeopathic physician, as homeopathic physician have the knowledge and approach towards treating and prescribing these cases.