Psychotherapy is a mode of treatment, which helps in draining the unhealthy feelings and emotions of a person. It is a form of counseling, which is not only beneficial to a person having psychological disorders like depression or anxiety, but also for the realization of inner self and overcoming the disturbance of mind to heal oneself. Apart from providing solutions to the existing problems, it also motivates the person to continue with the medication.


But how does the homeo- psychotherapy work on the mentally ill person:


The basic principle of homeopathic treatment is based on “Similia Similibus Curantur”, which means “like cures like”. A homeopathic medicine has the power to produce a similar set of symptoms in a healthy person as present in a diseased person without making any pathological changes in the body and when this medicine is given to the patient, it proves curative. The idea of Homeo-psychotherapy is that by producing similar state (as that with homeopathic medicine) through words and images, it is possible to initiate a curative action in a unhealthy person.


With the help of Homeo-psychotherapy, the person is able to see the reflection of his inner feelings. Psychotherapy is not only for the people having mental disorder but it can be beneficial for every person, who is not at ease.