How it begins





Psychotherapy is a process of unwinding the unhealthy feelings and the emotions of a person. A homeopathic physician work as an investigator searching for clues and connections through out the treatment. Being an investigator, homeopathic physician starts with a case taking. During the case taking, the person describes his symptoms, which can be a manifestation of any pathological or psychological factor. Homeopathic physician explores the person emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually which helps not only in the selection of the remedy but also in understanding the personality of the person.


An unhealthy mind, whether due to depression, anxiety or stress, is like a cocoon where the mind (butterfly) is wrapped with threads, which have to be removed to make the mind free. Similarly, during the case taking, each cover of unhealthy thoughts or feelings, which might have suppressed over the time has to be discovered and uncovered. This is done by exploring a person’s:


  • dreams (any unusual or a dream which occurs repeatedly)
  • unfortunate events in life: at that time, what was their reaction and how did they cope with the situation.
  • childhood impressions
  • reactions and feelings in different situations
  • likes and dislikes about people’s attitude or in general
  • general nature
  • or any incidence, which they might remember, after which their complaints started


In the case of children, certain techniques can be adopted like telling them fairy tales and stories, and watching their reaction, where as in much smaller children, pictures and movies are beneficial.


Sometimes all the covers cannot be removed in one sitting. Consecutive meetings have to be made to understand the cause; to describe the fears or feelings to the physician, a level of confidence might be needed, which takes some time in these people. Constant counseling and suggestions to deal with the unhealthy situations complements the homeopathic treatment. In certain cases, where the patient is not able to express or illustrate the events, close relatives or friends can be of help. Along with the patient’s counseling, close relatives can be advised how to deal with the patient and helping them to heal themselves.