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Anxiety may be associated with other disturbed mental states like depression or stress. Cause of anxiety may be related to emotional or pathological factors:


  • Emotional factors
    • stress
    • loss in business
    • argument
    • suppression of anger
    • failure in love


  • Medical conditions (Pathological)
    • thyroid problems
    • heart problems (like angina, heart attack)
    • diabetes
    • anemia
    • pre-menstrual syndrome
    • neurological problems (like encephalitis)
    • respiratory problems (like asthma, bronchitis)
    • nutritional deficiency (like Vitamin B12 deficiency)


  • Alcoholism or any other addiction (abuse or withdrawal).


  • High coffee intake or withdrawal.


  • Medication like penicillin, thyroxine, antidepressants.


  • Hereditary causes: About 20% of relatives of patients with this condition suffer from Anxiety disorder. However data is inconsistent.