Anxiety is caused in response to the environment (unknown stressors), person’s vulnerability to develop it, his life style and lot other factor that cannot be tackled by the body and mind. Ayurveda has appreciated the significance of both Psyche and body and their interdependence.

Ayurveda – “Science of life” or “Art of Living” if incorporated in life not only will prevent anxiety but will aid in curing it. Dev Vyapashray chikitsa This is an ancient form of treatment which is based on the theory of birth and rebirth, where it is believed that mental diseases (including anxiety) are a result of acts (Karma) in the past. The aim is to appeal to the divine forces. Chanting of mantras, gem therapy, performing rituals, offerings, expiation, fasting, pilgrimages, respecting elders,  and  leading a disciplined life form an integral part of  Dev Vyapashray chikitsa. Satvavajay chikitsa – Psychotherapy

In Ayurveda, role of psychotherapy has been emphasized in the treatment of mental disorders. It is aimed at restoring mental equilibrium through diversified techniques. In case anxiety is due to lust, fear, anger, exhilaration, jealousy or greed then psychotherapy is aimed at replacing the negative emotions with positive feelings.

Yukti Vyapashray chikitsa

This form of treatment includes drug therapy and dietary management. Purification treatment {drug induced vomiting and/or purgation, enema, drugs administration through nose (Shirovirechan or Nasya)}, besides external application procedures such as medicated oil massage, is aimed at evacuation of Doshas in the management of anxiety.