Vata Rakta

Vata Rakta (Gout) is a disorder involving the small joints of the body. It is caused due to aggravation of Vata and Rakta impurity.

Sushrut considered ‘Rakta’ as a Dosha.


Vata Rakta is also known as Aadhay Vata or Khudd Vata.

Aadhay Vata

Vata Rakta is more common among the affluent class, especially among those who indulge in high calorie food and lead a sedentary life style, and hence the synonym Aadhay Vata (‘Adhay’  meaning rich, affluent class).

Khudd Vata

The word ‘Khudd’ has two meanings – ‘joints’ and ‘small’. Vata Rakta affects mainly the small joints and hence the name.