Vata Rakta can be correlated with gout.

Course of the disease:

  • Vata Rakta usually starts from the big toe and gradually involves other joints or tissues.[Su.Ni.1]
  • Gout usually affects one joint in the beginning (monoarticular), usually the big toe.

Causes and pathogenesis

Vata Rakta is adisordercaused due to aggravation of Vata and Rakta impurity.

Vata rakta- Intake of hot-spicy-pungent food, meat and alcohol may lead to Rakta imbalance which is responsible for causing Vata Rakta.

Gout– Purine rich food increases Uric acid level in the blood, consequently increasing the risk of Gout. So there is abnormality in the normal composition of blood that indicates Rakta imbalance.

Vata Rakta- Activities like horse/ elephant/camel riding which involve hanging the legs down for long durations, jumping, swimming may aggravate the disorder.

Gout- Similarly, Gout may be precipitated by physical exertion.

Vata is normally increased during nights, much like Gout in which acute onset is typically nocturnal.

Synonyms [Ch.Chi.29]

The word ‘Khudd’ has two meanings – ‘joints’ and ‘small’.Vata Rakta affects mainly the small joints and hence the name.

Gout usually affects small joints, the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe being the most commonly affected joint.

Vata Raktais more common among the affluent class, who combine a sedentary lifestyle with rich food, alcoholic beverages, non-vegetarian food,¬†fermented food products and sweets. Hence the synonym Aadhay Vata (‘Adhay’ meaning ‘rich affluent class’).

The food items mentioned above, which in those days was accessible mainly to the affluent class, have been found to be rich in Purines and can aggravate Gout.

Signs, symptoms and complications

The way Vata rakta presents itself is much similar to the presentation of gout. The course of the disease is also similar.

Both are inflammatory disorders with signs and symptoms of inflammation. Symptoms of Vata Rakta indicates the involvement of other tissues as well (systemic affliction).

Tophi* are characteristic of gout. In Vata rakta there has been mention of tophi as Vatashma or Pidika which may lead to joint deformities.

*Tophi are nodular deposits of Mono sodium urate monohydrate crystals.