The therapy for Sandhi Vata is aimed at restoring the Vata dosha balance.

  • Oleation therapy (Snehan): which includes external application and/or internal administration of fat (oil, ghee, bone marrow, muscle fat).
  • Sweat therapy (Swedan Karma)

Pain and other symptoms caused by imbalanced Vata are alleviated by oleation and sweat inducing therapy. Fats nourish the tissues and strengthen the body. Furthermore, these therapies soften the digestive tract and thereby play a role in restoring Vata imbalance.

  • Purification treatment

Although Vata is present in the whole body, it resides especially in large intestine and therefore purgation using lubricating drugs (Sneh Virechan) is helpful in restoring the Vata balance. Mild purgatives like: castor oil, Tilvak Ghrit along with milk are effective.

Patients in whom purgation is contraindicated; Enema along with food comprising of ingredients that increase digestive power (Deepan) and aids in digestion (Pachan) are advisable.

Once purification is done and digestive power is kindled, oleation and sweat therapy are repeated.