Aam Vata can be correlated with Rheumatoid arthritis. Aam Vata is a joint disorder characterized by inflammation (Swelling) and other constitutional symptoms. It is caused by the accumulation of Aam in the joints along with the disturbance in the normal level of Vata.Aam is a toxic byproduct formed due to improper digestion. It circulates in the whole body along with the blood and is accumulated at places that are weak and susceptible to diseases. The effect of the disease is not limited to the joints but takes the shape of a systemic disease involving other parts of the body according to their susceptibility and cause constitutional symptoms as well. So Aam along with aggravated Vata cause Aam Vata.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic progressive inflammatory disorder of joints which is characterized by inflammation of the joint along with other tissues and have systemic (related to a system as a whole)manifestations. Its a systemic disease. There are intermittent flare ups in the course of the disease. It is an autoimmune (relating to disease caused when our defense system start working against our body) disorder. Presentation of Aam Vata is similar to that of Rheumatoid arthritis.