Aam is a byproduct of impaired digestion and is one of the key factors responsible for Aam Vata. The factors mentioned earlier may lead to impaired digestion accompanied by formation of Aam along with aggravation of Vata dosha.

Aam ras is carried all over the body by the vitiated Vata through blood circulation. When Aam Ras comes in contact with metabolic waste products in various tissues, it gets further imbalanced. Aam combines with similar natured Kapha present in sites like joints, chest, stomach and throat, gets further aggravated. Due to the abhishyandi nature, Aam obstructs body channels which lead to further Vata imbalanceand Pitta balance as well.

“Vayuh kopo dhatu kshyat kopo margasyavarnen ch” means obstruction of channels is a major cause of vitiation of Vata.

Dosha Vata Kaph Dominant disorder
Dushya Blood, Muscle, Ligaments, Joints.
The place of origin Amashay and pakvashay
Location Joints
Srotas Ras Vaha
Srotodushti Sang (Accumulation)

The joints affected are

  • Finger joints
  • Wrist joint (Manibandh)
  • Elbow (Karpoor Sandhi)
  • Knee (Janu Sandhi)
  • Sacro iliac joint (Trik Sandhi)

Due to Vata, affliction of joints is of fleeting nature