The factors that cause difficulty in breathing are divided into:

  • Kapha aggravating factors that cause kapha imbalance like

o    Intake of heavy food  that is difficult to digest like oily and spicy food, black gram (Urad dal), sesame oil (Til Oil)

o    Intake of curd

o    Constipation

  • Vata dosha aggravating factors that cause vat imbalance like

o    Dust, pollution, smoke, cold climate

o    Vigorous exercises

o    Emotional stress

o    Excess of Vaman (Drug induced vomiting)

o    Excessive sexual activity

o    Cold drinks, dry food (foods that cause dryness e.g. popcorn)

o    Improper dietary habits

o    Injury to vital points (Marma abhighat) in the body

o    Holding back the natural urges (Vegavrodh)

o    Weakness