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[Ch. Chi 21]

The above mentioned factors disturb vat and kapha dosh, which may obstruct the  respiratory passage and hamper the normal flow of respiratory gases (Pran vayu).

The obstructed flow of pranvayu caused by Kapha leads to noisy breathing (wheezing) which is episodic.  The condition may also affect the heart [(Seat of Pran (life Force)].

Formation of excess of sputum seen in patients of Tamak Shwas can be either due to kapha balance thrown out of proportion due to the causes mentioned earlier or due to improper digestion and absorption of nutrients resulting from decreased digestive secretions (Agni mandhya).

Agni mandhya is responsible for the formation of a toxic substance (aamvisha)  that accumulates in the body  leading to Ras dushti. This in turn increases Kapha out of proportion.and Pran Vayu gets trapped (Sang vimarg gaman) in the alveoli (Kosha) due to obstruction in the air passages.

Dosh Kapha and Vat
Dushya Ras dhatu
Srotas Pran vaha srotas
Srotodushti Sang vimarg gaman