There are two types of Tamak shwas, namely:

Santamak shwas

  • Santamak shwas– refers to Tamak shwas which is caused due to an imbalance in Kapha dosha and vat dosha.
  • This type of Tamak shwas is induced by dust, impaired digestion, humidity and holding back of natural urges.
  • It increases at night and in cold weather.

Pratamak shwas

  • Pratamak shwas– refers to Tamak shwas in which Pitta dosha gets associated along with imbalance of kapha and vat dosha.
  • Fever and unconsciousness along with usual symptoms of┬áTamak shwas.
  • Cold food like ice-creams, cold drinks that have a cooling effect on the body are suitable whereas foods that have warming effect on the body like spicy food, nuts are harmful.