Uddiyana Bandha (according to the first school of thought)

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According to the first school of thought:

Uddiyana Bandha



  • Stand erect with feet close together, knees together.
  • Hands along the thighs with fingers stretched out.
  • The legs, trunk and the head aligned in a straight line.

I. Starting positionĀ (Sthiti): Tadasana.

  • Now, separate the legs by two to three feet, bend forward slightly from the waist and place the palms on the thighs with the arms straight. Be comfortable in this position.

II. Practice

  • Breathe out completely by contracting the belly (abdominal muscles) vigorously.
  • Simultaneously press the hands against the thighs, tighten the arms, shoulders and neck muscles, and also lift the ribs.
  • Due to this, the diaphragm automatically rises up, producing a concave depression of the belly (abdomen). The belly (abdominal) wall, as if, approaching towards the spine.
  • Hold this position as long as comfortable.
  • Then slowly release the abdominal muscles and while breathing in return to the upright position.
  • Relax and repeat a few rounds.