Similar conditions





Another condition which is similar to gout is ‘Pseudogout’


Pseudogout is a condition presenting with gout like attackcharacterized by acute localized pain and swelling, that occur in patients with calcium pyrophosphate (CPR) crystal deposits in the joints.


It can be easily differentiated from gout in the following ways :

  • It mainly involves the larger joints, principally the knees and wrists (gout usually involves the big toe).


  • Pain and redness is not as marked as in gout.


  • Unlike gout, pseudogout is usually associated with normal serum uric acid level.


  • Microscopic examination of synovial fluid shows presence of calcium pyrophosphate (CPR) crystals which are rhomboid shaped (in gout the crystals are needle shaped).


  • Unlike gout the acute attack of pseudogout is not improved by Colchicine.


  • Pseudogout in later stages can lead to new bone formation (osteophytes) and cyst formation beneath the cartilage.