Cause of the disease



I. Cause of the disease


Before starting the treatment its important to understand the causative factor of Arthritis. Unless the cause is removed treatment will not be effective.

  • Precipitating causes


These may include change in weather or exposure to cold air, heat, injury. These causes will also help in selecting homeopathic medicines. For example :

Arthritis triggered by exposure to
Cold air Ranunculus bulbosus
Cold dry wind Hepar sulph
Sudden cold Aconite
Cold damp air Dulcamara, Rhus tox


Arthritis triggered by heat in summers
Carboneum sulph


Arthritis caused by injury
Bryonia, Arnica


  • Maintaining causes


This may include living in damp basements, occupational hazards act as an obstacle to cure. These result in the maintenance (continuation) of the disease and unless they are removed proper treatment cannot take place. Once the maintaining cause is removed the disease can be taken care of and medicines can be prescribed to the patient depending on his characteristic (individual) symptom picture. Rhus tox is one of the medicine used for arthritis caused from living in damp houses.


  • Suppression


In case of  suppression of certain discharge or condition in the body many homeopathic medicine can be helpful.

from suddenly checked diarrhea Abrotanum
from suppression of discharges Mercurius solubilis
from suppression of gonorrhea Clematis, Medorrhinum, Rhododendron
from suppression of sweat Dulcamara, Rhus tox