Preparing for the trip

  • Consult your doctor before leaving. Get a written treatment and emergency plan made for yourself.
  • Have a proper medical check-up done before the trip.
  • Pack light.
  • Use luggage with wheels so that it is convenient to move.
  • Book hotels that provide elevated toilet seats, handrails in bathrooms, lifts/elevators, etc.


Mode of travel

  • If traveling in a car, ask your driver to drive smoothly and avoid any jerks.
  • Use a cushion to support the back. This will make your journey more comfortable.



  • Keep an adequate supply of medicines with you.
  • Always carry your prescription slip with you.


Medical help

  • Find out the nearest medical help in the area you are going to.
  • Ask your hotel staff for the nearest hospital, or telephone no. of the ambulance or a specialist available in the area.


Other guidelines

  • Whenever going out for a stroll use a walking stick.
  • If you go for shopping use a cart and ask for assistance to pickup items far from reach.
  • Avoid unnecessary exertion.