During the first few days, most of the babies fall asleep after taking only a few sucks at the breast

  • They should be kept aroused by gentle tickling behind the ears or on the soles during the feeds but this ritual should not become unpleasant or annoying to the baby.
  • Interact actively with your baby

The mother must actively interact with her baby and intently look at her child during breast-feeding. It is not a dull and passive ritual. The baby enjoys the motherly touch, feels the warmth, contact and cuddling. It is an instantaneous way to connect to your baby.

  • Baby is sleepy in the middle of feeds

If your baby starts getting lazy and sleepy right in the middle of taking feeds, as evidenced by the reduced force and the frequency of sucks, the mother should gently try to remove her nipple when the baby would wake up and start sucking again with renewed vitality.

  • Prolonged gaps between feeds

Some babies are lazy. Babies often have one prolonged gap of 4-5 hours between their feeds. This is acceptable. Most of the times however, if the baby has not had a feed for 3-4 hours, the mother can try to gently awaken the baby and try to feed the baby. A baby can be awakened for a feed by unwrapping the baby, gently touching or stroking the baby’s cheek, changing the diaper or rubbing the feet.