Meditation helps in lowering blood pressure

A study done on African Americans has revealed that transcendental meditation (a particular mind-body technique) is an effective alternative to blood-pressure lowering medication. The researchers said that one can lower his/her blood pressure naturally by using this mind-body technique (transcendental meditation). Transcendental meditation is a technique for calming the body and mind. It does not [...]

Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat

Whether you gain muscle or fat depends largely on what foods you eat. While too many calories from any food can make you fat, some foods have much more tendency to make you fat than others. You have to learn to structure your diet so that you supply calories from foods that don’t make you [...]

Being Socially Active linked to Better Physical & Mental Health

A new study has found that people who are socially more active may enjoy better physical and mental health. During the study researchers analyzed feedbacks from 3000 people who participated in a survey. During the survey the participants were enquired about their physical health, physical activities, emotional and mental health. It was observed from the [...]

Sugar intake and obesity-linked diseases

Recent studies have revealed that people should not get more than 10 percent of their calories from sugar. If this was achieved, it could reduce the global epidemic of obesity-linked diseases. Earlier there was no specified range or limit for sugar intake. One thing, which is to be clearly mentioned here, is that low-sugar intake [...]

Pitta control diet for migraine

A two-year research conducted at Vaidya Chandra Prakash Cancer Research Foundation (VCPCRF) has proved that migraine is caused in patients due to a disorder in tridosha (a mind-body disorder caused by the imbalance of vata, pitta and kapha components of body). This research has also suggested that frequent headaches associated with migraine occurs when the [...]

Low Back Pain exercises should match patient’s Directional Preference

According to a recently conducted study, Low Back Pain (LBP) patients should be trained in exercise that matches their directional preference (DP). Directional preference is defined (for patients with LBP) as exercise in a specific plane that decreases lumbar pain or the radiation of pain. In the study, 312 patients of acute, subacute or chronic [...]