How to manage COPD

Don’t delay the treatment and immediately talk to your doctor about the medications, breathing techniques and lifestyle changes that can help you breathe easier.


The goal of treatment is to see that the patient :

  • Becomes more active
  • Is able to breathe easily
  • Is free of anxiety
  • Shows improvement in mood
  • Learns about COPD

Management of COPD

Active participation of the patient in managing COPD is a must. This will help you to take charge of your breathing. The management includes :

I. Stop smoking : The most important step you can take to keep your lungs healthier is to stop smoking. This can help your lungs work better for a longer time and hence prolong your life. Some tips which will help you quit this habit are:

  • Fix a date on which you plan to quit and stick to it.
  • Have a strong will power.
  • Get the support and encouragement of your family and friends.
  • Try Nicotine Replacement therapy: To fight off the urge to smoke you can try nicotine patch, gum or nasal spray. Some homeopathic remedies that can help you quit smoking are: Caladium, Tamarindus indicus, Tabacum.
  • Ask your doctor about support groups that can help you quit smoking.
  • Avoid things that may cause you the urge to smoke like :
    • Being in company of smokers
    • Drinking alcohol
    • Being stressed or feeling depressed
  • Recognize the benefits of quitting smoking. Stopping smoking will help you to :
    • Improve your health
    • Have more stamina and energy
    • Control your disease and prevent further damage to the lungs.
  • Once you stop smoking its important to avoid being around tobacco smoke whenever possible. This will prevent further irritation to lungs.
  • If you live with someone who smokes ask them to smoke outside.

II. Monitoring of COPD : Monitoring can be done with the help of Spirometer. This will help to know the status of your disease and help in taking the right treatment at right time and also avoid complications.

III. Understand and take your medicines as advised by your doctor. Take the medicine regularly at the same time, this will help you remember to take medicine.

IV. Other treatment modalities include :