At home

  • Remember oxygen is a prescription drug so never change the flow rate of oxygen without your doctors advise.
  • Avoid alcohol and other sedatives as they tend to suppress respiration.
  • Prevent skin irritation from tubing by putting some gauze pads
  • Always keep an adequate supply of oxygen.
  • Do not smoke or allow anyone to smoke while using oxygen (as it is inflammable).
  • Do not use electrical appliances while using oxygen.
  • Always secure the oxygen system to a fixed object.
  • Notify the electricity board in your neighbor so that if you use oxygen concentrator you will be taken into consideration if power is to be disrupted.

To be taken while traveling

  • Always consult your doctor if flying or going to high altitudes and ask about the adjustments to be made in flow rate (oxygen needed per minute).
  • Check out with the airport authorities if they will provide you with oxygen system.