Pulmonary Rehabilitation


It basically involves exercise training, behavioral and educational programme in order to control COPD symptoms and thereby improve day to day activities. It can also help reduce the number and length of hospital stays and increase your chances of a longer life. It is a team approach and the patient has to work closely with his doctor, physical, psychological and occupational therapist, exercise trainers and nutritionists.

Pulmonary rehabilitations helps you to :

  • Reduce your symptom.
  • Get aware about your disease, treatment options and lifestyle changes.
  • Learn to manage your disease independently.
  • Maintain healthy habits like quitting smoking, good nutrition and exercise.

Its good to talk to your doctor about pulmonary rehabilitation and improve the quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation involves three major components :

  • Exercise training : Your medical team will help you to assess your needs and develop a exercise programme uniquely designed for you. They will also advise you how often to do the exercises, for how long and at what level.
  • Psychological support : Support is provided through support and stress management groups. Patients are counseled taught relaxation skills, encouraged to share their feelings and learn the importance of giving and receiving emotional support from others.
  • Education Programme : This may involve –
    • Counseling to help patient stop smoking.
    • How to breathe easier.
    • Information about COPD and its treatment options.
    • Understanding oxygen therapy.
    • Diet, nutrition and weight management.
    • Breathing retraining.
    • Importance of exercise.
    • Symptom monitoring and knowledge about how to deal in emergency.
    • Traveling tips.