What Happens


Imbalanced Pran Vayu and Udan Vayu combine and is forced out of the mouth suddenly producing a sound similar to that of broken bronze (Kansa) utensil being tapped. In the process other doshas (Kapha and Pitta) are also thrown out. This condition is known as KAS. 


Kas is a result of the derangement of Pran Vayu and Udan Vayu, caused due to:

  • Improper diet and life style which cause disturbance of Vata dosha.
  • Obstructed flow of Pran and Udan vayu through respiratory passage which can be attributed to an abnormality in the respiratory tract or presence of Kapha (Mucous). Chest and throat are the sites of Kapha, and therefore, any increase in the amount of the Kapha can obstruct the flow of both the Vayus through the respiratory passage. Kapha, which is a waste product of Ras dhatu (Tissue fluid/lymph), is produced in excess whenever Ras dhatu is deranged (Ras dushti).

To sum up, Kas is produced due to:

  • Abnormality of the respiratory tract.
  • Imbalance of Pran and Udan vayu.
  • Obstruction of the respiratory tract due to increased Kapha (Mucous) which may be caused due to Ras dushti.
  • External pressure on the respiratory passage.
Dosha Vata (Dominant) and Kapha
Dushya Ras
Srotas Rasvaha and Pranvaha
Adhishtham Pranvaha Srotas (Respiratory passage)
Srotodushti Symptom Sang (Accumulation)