The treatment of constipation aims at elimination of the fecal matter and treatment of the underlying cause as well.

  • To empty the loaded bowel, enema therapy is the best alternative as laxatives are rarely required.
  • In patients with prolonged constipation, where the stool gets impacted in the rectum and does not get dislodged even with the help of enemas, surgeon has to manually remove the impacted stool out of patient’s anus.
  • The treatment of the basic disease, of which constipation is the symptom, is essential to cure constipation. e.g.  hypothyroidism needs supplementation with hormones.
  • The constipating medication should be avoided,  if possible.
  • Most of the times, when constipation is not due to an underlying disorder, dietary modification and change in the lifestyle suffice.  Psychotherapy is particularly useful in children and individuals under stress.
  • The surgical therapy is also required when the underlying cause of constipation is some structural obstruction. e.g. lumen constricting cancers of rectum or colon, spastic segment of colon (Hirschsprung’s disease) or narrowing of anal canal by birth. The surgeon has to surgically correct the cause and give additional treatment, if need be. Such patients usually require long term follow up with their doctor.