Causes of constipation


It is important to get an overview of normal process of digestion to get an idea of how each of the factors given below can play its role in causing constipation.

As the food passes through stomach to the small intestine, it gets digested by intestinal juices. Among the ingested food material, the fibres present in the food are not broken down fully and form the bulk of material passed on to the large intestine. In large intestine (colon), the majority of water is absorbed so that stool of solid consistency reaches rectum from where it is expelled out. The contractions of the muscles of the large intestine actively help in expulsion of wastes from the body. Obviously, an optimum fibre and water content of food makes its passage through the intestines easy. The massaging action of abdominal wall muscles against the large intestine also aids in pushing the intestinal contents forwards. Hence, factors interfering with any of above mechanisms can cause constipation.