Combination drugs for Migraine

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Combination drugs for Migraine

Results of a recently concluded study showed that a combination of sumatriptan and an anti-inflammatory drug (naproxen) provides significantly greater pain relief as compared to either drug alone.

Triptans have proven to be very effective in treating the pain associated with migraine and aborting the future attacks. However, triptans do not appear to have an effect on inflammatory substances already released or, on the inflammatory process. So adding an anti-inflammatory agent in the standard treatment routine will provide better results.

In the study 972 migraine patients are enrolled and they are randomly assigned to 50 mg sumatriptan, 500 mg naproxen, the combination of two or placebo.

Overall 46% of migraine sufferers in the combination group (sumatriptan + naproxen) saw their pain subside in 24 hours. The combination therapy was significantly more effective than sumatriptan alone (29%), naproxen alone (25%) or placebo (17%). Pain relief in just 2 hours was achieved in 65% of patients in the combination group. Moreover the patients treated with the combination of sumatriptan and naproxen was more likely than those in the other three groups to be free of nausea and light sensitivity.

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