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Parameter : Management Principle

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
The main objective is to see that the patient: The management of COPD isfocused on Complete Respiratory Care to: ·       Purification Treatment If patient is strong then drug induced emesis and fasting is advisable.
·       Becomes more active ·       Delay the progress of disease. ·       Palliative treatment Kaph alleviating light easily digestible, hot, dry, food is advised along with disease specific and patient specific herbs or drugs.
·       Is able to breathe easily ·       Prevent acute attacks and minimize Hospitalization.
·       Is free of anxiety ·       Lead a healthy life as near normal as possible.
·       Shows improvement in mood This is achieved by:
·       Learns about COPD ·       Smoking Cessation.
·       Is able to maintain normal lung function ·       Medication: regular prescribed intake
·       Is free from complications ·       Respiratory Muscle Training and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
·       Home Oxygen Therapy as per medical advice.
·       Surgery if required.
·       Maintenance of regular record of progress.
·       Education about the disorder and its management.