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Parameter : Management Principle

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
·       As there is loss of electrolytes, dehydration has to be prevented. Oral rehydration solution(ORS) or any home remedy can be used. Objectives of treatment are : Treatment that restores doshas balance, strengthens digestive power, eliminating or dissolving the toxins are given. In weak and dehydrated patients drugs that withhold motions is advisable not otherwise. If doshas are mild fasting is advisable. Bulk forming diet and drugs are given. Drug induced purgation is done in severely imbalanced Pitta dosha. In diarrhoea associated with bleeding haemostatic agents are given. Objective of treatment is to treat the imbalance and maintain hydration.
·       Light diet is recommended. ·       Prevention of dehydration – Home management
·       Consuming plenty of fluids can be beneficial like fruit juice, lemon water, soups, rice water, coconut water, yogurts or curds etc. ·       Treatment of dehydration – hospitalization
·       Continue with breast feeding ·       Prevention of nutritional damage
·       Signs of dehydration should be observed. It is achieved by:
·       If diarrhea is caused due to viral infection (rotavirus) especially in children below 6 months of age, then medication can be prevented as this viral infection is self-limiting and the child will be better within 5-7 days. Only the hydration of the child can be maintained along with the nutritional management. But a pediatrician should be consulted first. ·       ORS
As there are no disease specific medicines in Homeopathy, the selection of medicine is based on the totality of symptoms presented by the patient giving more importance to psychogenic aspect. ·       Proper diet
·       Adequate fluid intake
·       Nursing a breast-feeding infant must be continued
·       Antibiotics – if required