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Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
When hemorrhoidal veins (blood vessels around the anus) get dilated or tortuous they are termed as Piles. An increased pressure within the abdomen (due to repeated straining at stool, pressure of fetus during pregnancy, obesity etc.) may cause blood to stagnate and collect in the blood vessels around the anus, causing them to swell and bulge out of the anal opening (opening through which stool passes). These swollen veinsare called piles or hemorrhoids. In Ayurveda, Arsh has been described as a projection or protrusion of skin or mucous membrane. Usually Arsh in any organ is called Polyps. Arsh formed in anal region are called Piles or haemorrhoids. So in Ayurveda it is described as a Maansankur i.e. projection or protrusion of muscle, mucous membrane or skin. It is a tridoshaj disorder These imbalanced Doshas vitiate the Anal cushions –Gudvali (Prominent gathered mucosal lining of the anal canal or transverse folds or Houston valves) and produce Maansankur or Arsh / piles.