Lifestyle modifications

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Parameter : Lifestyle Modifications

Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda
·       Take diet rich in fibers (like beans, bran, broccoli, salads, fruits). This will prevent constipation which is one of the cause of pile. You can easily prevent the flare-ups (sudden episodes)by preventing constipation. Some guideline s include: Life style modifications such as Yoga, certain dietary changes, avoidance of prolonged sitting etc. are beneficial for its prevention and treatment as well.
·       Drink plenty of fluids(at least 8-10 glasses of water) ·       Add more fiber (like beans, bran, broccoli, salads, fruits etc.) to your diet
·       Avoid overweight, and lose weight if you are. ·       Drink plenty of liquids (8-10 glasses at least)
·       Exercise regularly. ·       Have a regular exercise schedule (maybe brisk walking for 20 minutes)
·       Avoid moving heavy objects or weight lifting ·       Lose weight if you are obese.
·       Avoid prolonged straining at stool ·       Train yourself for a regular bowel movement and never ignore an urge for bowel movement
·       Try fiber supplements. ·       Try fiber supplements.