In today’s life, every man is leading a sedentary lifestyle, full of stress, anxiety, depression, one can say, an unhealthy mind and body. According to homeopathic philosophy, “Mind rules the Man”, when the mind gets over-worked or stressed out, it affects the physical functioning of the body. Constipation is one such condition, resulting from the disturbance of bowel movements.

In homeopathy for treating constipation, the knowledge of the disease along with the knowledge of the homeopathic medicine holds an importance in the selection of the remedy. Diagnosis might not be necessary but the understanding of the disease is important. Before starting with the homeopathic treatment, lets learn about constipation.

Constipation can be defined as fewer than normal bowel movements (incomplete/infrequent) and the person has to strain hard, in order to pass the stool. In a normal adult, at least three normal bowel movements per week are considered normal. Therefore, if the frequency of passing of stool is less than this or if there is a feeling of incomplete evacuation the person is said to be constipated.

If the person has lesser number of stool but the stool are soft and without any odor; person is comfortable, then he can’t be labeled as constipated. Children, pregnant women and old people are more prone to have constipation.