Picture of health can not be sketched only with the physical state, it also requires a frame of mind, then only it can accomplish perfection. Since the era of Adam and Eve, men and women have experienced not only changes in the environment but also changes in the mood and behavior of oneself. There are factors (acquired or inherited), which have enabled humans to undergo mood disorders… Depression is one such experience!


In today’s modern society, depression has become so prevalent that it is referred as ‘Common cold of mental health‘. It is an emotional experience, that is characterized by sadnessloss of interestlow self-esteemself-reproach or fluctuating mood. It can strike at any age. If this mental state persists for a long time, then it will not only hamper the emotional stability, but also will interfere with the physical functioning of the body. According to WHO, depression is the third most common illness in the world after Infectious diseases & heart disease and it is well on the route to become first.

Depression is a mood disorder. Here, mood is an internal emotional condition and when it is expressed it is termed as Affect. Mood disorders are generally the abnormalities of mood and affect. Abnormalities can originate due to circumstances, physiological response or as a result of pathological manifestations of a physical ailment.