A range of drugs are available that can treat depression effectively. There drugs are called as Anti-depressants. These drugs have beneficial effects on depression if administered adequately and judiciously.

These drugs help by correcting the biochemical disturbances in the brain and thereby help in obviating every type of depression. All medications should be started with the doctors advise only and any changes in dosage should only me made after consultation. Usually the effect is not so pronounced in the beginning of the treatment, but gradually in 3 Р4 weeks the patient starts noticing the improvement. All facets of depression are improved ranging from sadness of mood, loss of appetite, sleep, sexual desire, social interaction, lack of energy, tendency to self-harm  etc. Antidepressants do not cause any dependence and can be stopped without any problem even after long term use. Usually the duration of treatment is long and ranges from 6 Р9 months for a episode of depression (as the risk of recurrence of the illness is high during this time frame).  The tolerability of antidepressants due to side effects vary from person to person and antidepressant to antidepressant. Most of the side effects disappear gradually with time and in case the side effects are not tolerated, one should contact their doctor. He can suggest treatment to those side effects or may advise a new drug that is free of that side effect.