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[Ch. Chi. 9:5]

Kapha aggravataing food along with physical inactivity leads to disturbed Kapha. This disturbed kapha along with Pitta vitiates the brain and disrupts intellect and memory to cause Kaphaj Unmad.

Unmad is characterized by disorder of [Ch.Ni.7:5] : [Ch.Ni.7:5]

  • Mann                       Thoughts (Chintan or Vichar)
  • Buddhi                    Intellect, Tells what is right; what is wrong
  • Sangya                     Orientation and responsiveness
  • Gyan  or Dhriti     Knowledge
  • Smriti                      Memory
  • Bhakti                      Desire or interest
  • Sheel                        Temperament or habits
  • Cheshta                   Psychomotor activity, gait, expressions.
  • Aachar                    Conduct.
Dosha Vata dominant physical doshas.
  Raj and Tam mental doshas
Dushya Psyche (Mann- mental state)
Srotas Manovaha srotas
Location Brain (Seat of intellect – Mind)

Pittaj Unmad can be compared with severe Mania.