Three types of treatment procedures are adopted for treating depression (Kaphaj Unmad) and severe mania (Pittaj Unmad)

Dev Vyapashray chikitsa – This is an ancient form of treatment which is based on the theory of birth and rebirth, where it is believed that mental diseases (including anxiety) are a result of acts (Karma) in the past. The aim is to appeal to the divine forces. Chanting of mantras, gem therapy, performing rituals, offerings, expiation, fasting, pilgrimages, respecting elders,  and  leading a disciplined life form an integral part of  Dev Vyapashray chikitsa.

Satvavajay chikitsa – Psychotherapy

In Ayurveda, role of psychotherapy has been emphasized in the treatment of mental disorders. It is aimed at restoring mental equilibrium through diversified techniques. In case depression is due to lust, fear, anger, exhilaration, jealousy or greed then psychotherapy is aimed at replacing the negative emotions with positive feelings.

Yukti Vyapashray chikitsa 

Yukti Vyapashray chikitsa is the most commonly used method of treatment comprising of drug and diet therapy.

There are three different modes of administering the therapy, namely

  • Bahi Parimarjan chikitsa, which involves external application of drugs.
  • Shastra Pranidhan (Surgery) is used when the disorder is due to an organic cause.
  • Antah Parimarjan chikitsa, which involves internal use of drugs and can be further classified into two different types:

o    Purification treatment

o    Palliative treatment

In case of Kaphaj Unmad treatment involves the following:

  • Oleation therapy and sweat therapy followed by purification therapy.
  • In Kaphaj Unmad emesis using drugs is done.
  • In Pittaj Unmad purgation using drugs is employed.
  • After purification therapy, regulated dietary regimen is adopted.
  • Enema and shirovirechan (Evacuation of doshas present in head / brain) are administered.
  • Intake of ghee, inhalation of medicated smoke and application of paste on head.
  • The above mentioned is followed by administration of Unmad alleviating specific drugs.