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A multidimensional programme spread across drugs, psychotherapy, dietary management, music therapy, aroma therapy, regular exercises, yoga, Pranayama and stress management techniques is more effective in the management of depression than drug therapy alone.

Diet that helps in restoring Kapha and Pitta balance is advised in Kaphaj and Pittaj Unmad respectively.

Diet (Modern approach)

Yoga and depression

  • Yoga plays a crucial role in treating depression. Yoga has a holistic approach and its advantages extend to physical, mental and emotional field as well. It restores the mental equilibrium and it is a mood enhancer.
  • Depression is a mood disorder so Yoga can contribute in treating depression besides conventional drug therapy.


  • Meditation is an integral part of Yoga. It relaxes the mind, eliminates negative thoughts and reinforces positive thoughts.

Breathing techniques or Pranayama

Exercise and depression

  • It induces a sense of well being by release of hormones like endorphins and enkephalins.
  • Exercise boosts up energy levels.
  • Exercise is a great stress buster. Exercising in natural surroundings rejuvenates the mind and deviate the mind from negative thoughts.
  • It burns extra calories, increases strength and flexibility, shapens the body and makes the person feel better. This in turn potentiates a sense of competence and fulfillment.