• Stiffness of heart
  • Desire to taste all flavours
  • Insomnia
  • Stiffness of body
  • Prameha Pidika: (Carbuncle/ Deep Boils)

if a diabetic patient is not treated in time there could be formation of  carbuncle.

Carbuncle is a severe pus filled cavity or multiple boils in the skin. It is a complication of madhumeha.

Pathya (What is suitable for you?)

  • Light exercise, Yav (Hordeum vulgare), Mudg dal (Green gram dal), Old Shali, sathi (Rice), Arhar (Red gram dal), Kulthi (Horse gram), sarson (Mustard) oil, all bitter vegetables

Apathya (What should be stayed away from?

  • Oil, ghee, jaggery (gud), alcohol (Madhya), sweets, sleep during day time, holding back of desire to urinate.