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HOW DOES DIARRHEAL ILLNESS SPREAD Diarrhea and dysentery spread from one person to another by intake of contaminated food and / or water.

  • Food items (milk, ice cream and ice) may be contaminated with water containing causative germs.
  • Flies may spread diarrhea by contaminating fruits and sweets left out in the open.
  • Food can also get contaminated if the food handler (who is either suffering from diarrhea or is a carrier of a diarrheal disease) has not washed his hands after defecation.
    • There is a famous case of “Typhoid Mary”, a cook. She was a carrier of typhoid bacteria (in her gall bladder) but not suffering from the disease. She caused typhoid by passing the germs via food in more than 1300 cases in her life time, before she was finally identified and treated to prevent further spread.
  • Water supply of an area can get contaminated by sewage leak.
  • Food Poisoning does not spread from person to person but occurs due to consumption of contaminated foods, water or milk that is not pasteurized. It occurs mostly in summers as bacterial growth is rapid and profuse during this time.